Exercise with a Physical Therapist 
and get fit safely 

This DVD brings a new approach to exercise. At first, you should view the exercise tips video. It will teach you about the posture, breathing, exercising, eating, and timing of exercise, how to stretch properly and how to know, you’ve had enough. You can use one click access to view all the exercises, one after another or you will be able to access each exercise of your choice, separately, with one click. You will also find detailed descriptions of what effect each exercise has on the body, how to do it properly and what to watch for, so you would not get hurt. When you feel confident with the exercises, you can start the actual routine with Kamila’s narration. There will be a time when you will no longer need to hear Kamila’s narration and counting and you will prefer to go on your own with the video listening to the music only. This exercise DVD allows you to do just that making for a more seamless exercise routine. 

Why this video works!

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